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Teacher with Pupils


Early Childhood Options recognizes the important role our teachers and administrators play in ensuring children receive a high-quality education.


ECO is asking applicants to Promise to implement Early Childhood Option values and programs in the classroom, and to Promise to stay at the same site for a full 12 months.  We know it is critical for our students to have teachers who continue learning and implementing best practices in the classroom all year long, and for this reason, Early Childhood Options is offering a Teacher Promise Stipend for Lead and Assistant teachers and Administrators (excluding directors) who fulfill the required Promises.  


This is a voluntary program. Applications are open on a quarterly basis.  Refer to Menu of Quality Services for Deadlines. This Promise Stipend program is offered in addition to stipends offered for participation in Edvantage Trainings, Think Tank Sessions or Level Up Workshops. Click the button below to view the Promise in it's entirety. 

In addition to our Teacher Promise, we are excited to offer opportunities for our administrators as well. These opportunities are designed specifically with administrator tasks in mind! 

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