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Current CDC Guidelines

Summary of Recent Changes provided by as of June 10th, 2021. 

  • Expanded guidance background for what is known about COVID-19 and transmission in child care settings

  • Updated guidance for mask use for child care

  • Updated guidance on ventilation and water systems

  • Updated guidance for children with special needs and disabilities

  • Updated guidance on cohorting and staggering strategies

  • Updated guidance for communal spaces, food service, playgrounds and play space.

  • Updated guidance on recognizing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and screening

  • Updated guidance on protecting people at higher risk

  • Updated guidance for Direct Service Providers (DSPs)


Additional Resources

Below is a list of resources for managing your program and employees

  • State Guidelines

  • County Guidelines

  • Business Re-Opening

    • Healthy Child Care Colorado (Google Drive Toolkit) - CLICK HERE

    • Should our Child Care Center Re-Open Chart- CLICK HERE

      • *This resource was developed for child care programs in Denver, so some of the resources are specific to the metro area, but the flow carts and checklists apply to programs anywhere.

    • Re-opening ​Checklist- CLICK HERE

    • Safer at Home: Child Care Facilities- CLICK HERE

    • CO-VID 19 Child Care Decision Tree- CLICK HERE

  •  Employees​

    • Continue to conduct daily health screenings- CLICK HERE

    • Updated Guidance: Curbside Pick-up and Drop-off is the ONLY option- CLICK HERE

    • Pandemic Flu Checklist- CLICK HERE

    • Families First Corona Virus Response Act: Employer Paid Leave Requirement- CLICK HERE

  • Managing Families

    • Sample Letter: Health and Safety Guidelines to inform and prepare families prior to re-opening- CLICK HERE​

  • Cleaning Procedures and Posters

  • FAQs ​​

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