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What is FFN? 

Family, friend, and neighbor (FFN) care refers to child care provided by unlicensed relatives, friends, or others in the community. FFN is often referred to as informal child care. 

Why is quality Friend, Family and Neighbor care important? 

  • To increase the quality of early learning services for children in informal child care settings so that they will enter school ready to learn.

  • To increase parental involvement and effectiveness with their children’s early learning at home and at school.

  • To facilitate the development and build the capacity of a community based training model for Informal Child Care (ICC) providers

    • with resource sharing, linkages

    • support

    • qualified personnel

    • and local planning

What should I know if I want to be a Friend, Family, Neighbor Care Provider? 

FFN providers as well as legally exempt home-based childcare providers are not contracted with County Department of Human Services (DHS) or licensed with the state of Colorado and are not able to be reimbursed for providing care for children of families receiving financial assistance (CCCAP). This form of care is unlicensed and outside of the state’s Quality Rating Improvement System. 

Early Childhood Option's efforts are dedicated to licensed care providers. However, we encourage Friend, Family, Neighbor Care Providers to check out some of these resources below. ​

If you have any questions surrounding Family, Friend, Neighbor Care or Licensed Home Child Care, please email Rubi Flores at

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