Help your community kids today.
Help yourself to a tax credit in April.

As you are making your end-of-the year contributions, please consider making a donation to Early Childhood Options (ECO)!  ECO is an important hub for early childhood services in our community.  ECO’s goals are to promote increased access to quality care and learning so that the young children of Summit County will be healthy, valued and ready to succeed in school.  Through a unique blend of direct services, planning expertise and leadership, ECO improves early learning and child care for more  than 1,000 young children and their families each year, as well more than 100 teachers. Your contribution will help ensure that ECO continues to achieve success in each of its four major programs:  Summit County Head Start 0-5, Right Start, Child Care Resource and Referral and the Early Childhood Council.

Best of all, if you make a monetary contribution to any program that promotes Child Care in Colorado – including Early Childhood Options –  you may be eligible to claim an income tax credit of up to 50% of your total contribution!  Follow the link below  for the most up-to-date about Colorado’s Child Care Contribution Credit [§39-22-121, and 39-22-121 (6.7)(c), C.R.S.].  https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/sites/default/files/Income35.pdf

Thank you for your support and investment in the children and families of Summit County.

Best wishes for a joyous holiday season and successful new year!



Ready Freddy–helping Summit County kids get ready for Kindergarten!!

Listo Francisco- ayudando a los niños de Summit a estar listos para el Kínder!!

December  2014

Freddy1. Hable de lo que pasó antes y de lo que pasará después de comer.

Talk about what happened “before” and what will happen “after” meal time.


2. Jugar a la plastilina ayuda a fortalecer los músculos pequeños en las manos que ayudarán a su hijo a escribir y usar tijeras.

Playing with playdough helps to build little muscles in the hands that will help your child to write and use scissors.



 Our Vision: A community that supports the learning and development of all young children.

Our Mission: To promote a collaborative system that improves the quality, affordability of early childhood programs in Summit County.

What Services/Programs are offered through Early Childhood Options

Child Care Resource and Referral- Child Care Resource and Referral meets a need that no one else does- providing the bridge between parents, providers, community leaders, and policymakers. By offering a unique blend of direct services and planning expertise, CCR&Rs help families and communities with children ages 0-8 to ensure that their children arrive at kindergarten ready to succeed.

Right Start Project-In 2005 Summit County voters passed a local tax initiative to help support early care and learning. This program offers, Early Childhood Continuing Education Scholarships, Salary Supplement for Professionals, Quality Improvement Grants for Preschool Centers and Home Providers, and Other Collaborations with Local Agencies, see information page for more information about these partnerships.

Early Learning Ventures Alliance-Early Learning Ventures Alliance at Early Childhood Options will provide services and assistance in critical business functions such as Fiscal Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Administration, Operations & Development, Quality Improvement & Professional Development, and Referral to Supportive Services

 Early/Head Start- The Summit County Early/Head Start program is a comprehensive continuum of support and education to families and children zero to five years in age.  Our Early/Head Start program is a partnership between Summit County Government (grantee), Summit School District, Early Childhood Options and the Family & Intercultural Resource Center.

Early Childhood Council-The Rural Resort Region Northeast Division Early Childhood Council (RRR-NE) is a formal and voluntary partnership between Summit and Grand Counties. The Council promotes a child-centered school readiness system that fosters early learning, facilitates healthy child development and promotes family success in Grand and Summit Counties.